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Kirby's Creator Metaright

A comic about the funny life of Kirby and Meta Knight. The creator also takes Kirby form and joins the 2 mischievous jokers! No real plot, besides "movies" found in the menu.


Kirby: Land on your head! It'll break the fall!
 Kirby is not really the main character, but he acts, looks, and feels like it. He is generally doing something stupid, usually with Waddle Dee. (Why is Kirby dumb in most comics? At least as far as I can tell.) He cracks most of the jokes and will be a fan favorite for comics to come.

Meta Knight:  Oops. (Heh-heh.)
Meta Knight, (shortened to Meta,) is really the main character, but Kirby has stolen the spotlight. He is mostly serious, but at times can be humorous and fun-loving. He is usually the victim of Kirby's antics. Currentlly angry at the Creator for stealing the wing idea, the sword idea, and the being-blue idea.

(The) Creator: Creator powers! Remember?
The Creator (Or just Creator) is me in Kirby/Meta form. He is kind of a mix between Kirby-brand humor and stupidity and Meta Knight-brand seriousness and warrior-hood. He can't even control Kirby's antics, that's something nothing, not even Creator Powers can prevent. Pet Peeves: Comments on his tan-ish glow and buggy eyes, Waddle Dee. His sword is Malaxia, and he doesn't beleive in using weapons for unneeded fighting or taunting.

Waddle Dee
: Fear my power!
Waddle Dee is a timid yet silly package deal. he is intimidated by Meta Knight and takes part in some of Kirby's antics. The Creator has a grudge on him, for unknown reasons. Secretely dreams of becoming a ballerina.

Eno:  ...You magnificent pastry of untold circular wonders...
Eno is a mysterious Waddle Doo that has trained under Meta Knight from another universe. He has strange obsession and mystification of donuts. He is a highly trained warrior when need be, but is happy go-lucky most of the time. Characters by Crescent Night. Find CN's bio at

King Dedede:  i will get u sumday< basik comik funcshunz111
King Dedede is the evil king of Dreamland. He tried to take over the M.O.C., so the Creator punished him by refusing to give him basic comic functions. (I.E. grammar, capitilazation, word bubbles, backgroundz, etc.) Fat, greedy, and fat. Did I remember to say he's fat?


Mario:  Don't-a touch me.
Mario is self-absorbed (and even a little bit absent-minded.) His current whereabouts are unknown.

Kirby Doll: What's in it for me?
A living Kirby doll that belongs to the Creator, yet he still doesn't know the doll is alive. Very grumpy.

Samurai Kirby: Come one, come all...
The Dreamland main shop's owner. Very penny-pinching.

Nightmare: Now don't go anywhere. I'M going to get a WAFFLE.
Nightmare is an evil entity that was banished from Dreamland's world. Currently holding Golden Meta hostage.

Golden Meta Knight: I don't know about you guys, but I LIKE the free food, shelter and plumbing here!
A recolor of Meta Knight that was going to be my form.


Evil, face-eating squid: (no quote)
The evil squid that demands ratings in return for Kirby's face.

Mr. Frosty: [Stop it. Stop staring at my butt.]
Dedede's former henchman. Huge buttocks.


The Clubhouse
The main hangout. First appearing n comic #33, I'm pretty sure.

The Store
The store owned by Samurai Kirby.


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